Chattoir Interview with Costantino Catena

Chattoir Interview with Costantino Catena

Certainly it is impossible to be indifferent before or during a performance, as it is impossible to completely detach yourself from the emotions. By being able to channel emotions in the right way, one enriches a performance and makes it an ever-unique event linked to that particular emotional and mental state.

Costantino Catena

After graduating from the Giuseppe Martucci Salerno State Conservatoire under the guidance of Luigi D’Ascoli, Costantino Catena continued and completed his piano studies with Konstantin Bogino, Bruno Mezzena, Boris Bechterev and Aldo Ciccolini. He also studied composition and graduated in Philosophy from the Salerno University and in Psychology from the Second University of Naples.

His performs as a soloist and is also active in the field of chamber music, collaborating with such leading artists as Alessandro Carbonare, Michele Lomuto, Franco Maggio Ormezowski, Gabriele Geminiani, Massimo Quarta, Saschko Gawriloff, Sabrina-Vivian Hopker, Claudio Casadei, Lynne Dawson, Mauro Tortorelli, Maja Bogdanovich, Claudio Brizi, Aki Takahashi, and Quartetto Savinio.

He chairs the piano professorship in the Domenico Cimarosa State Conservatoire in Avellino and he is a recording artist for Camerata Tokyo since 2010.

Costantino Catena is a Yamaha Artist.

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