Chattoir Interview with Anna Semenenko

Chattoir Interview with an Internationally recognized Russian Violinist and Concertmaster in English and Russian. The music of W.A. Mozart, J..

Interview with András Adorján

BY YULIA BERRY, D.M.A. Article © Copyright 2023 by Yulia Berry. All Rights Reserved The goal of all musicians is to.

Interview with Stefán Ragnar Höskuldsson

by Yulia Berry It was not easy to find time in the busy schedule of Stefán Ragnar Höskuldsson, soloist of.

Chattoir interview with Sofia de Salis

“I dream that as many children and people as possible would be engaged in music and/or art. People will always.

Chattoir Interview with Costantino Catena

Certainly it is impossible to be indifferent before or during a performance, as it is impossible to completely detach yourself.

Chattoir Interview with Horacio Parravicini

Every human being owns a beautiful voice. The advice is to be loyal to yourself. We can add platinum crowns,.

Chattoir Interview with Bonnie McAlvin

Video interview with flutist and composer Bonnie McAlvin

Chattoir Interview with Ludwig Böhm

My interest in Theobald Böhm was raised in 1981, when a great exhibition was organized in the Munich Municipal Museum.

Chattoir Interview with Ivajla Kirova

I think I am a strong-willed and honest person – I always say what I think, whether people like it.

Chattoir Interview with Rogier de Pijper

For me music is a way to express myself. It is a language that says much more than all the.