As an eLearning developer, Yulia Berry works on designing academic course structures, developing eLearning websites and training modules, utilizing course management software, web development tools, and eLearning technologies to adhere to tight deadlines. Additionally, she provides technical and customer support, maintains websites, creates visual design and marketing materials, issues certificates, and manages social marketing efforts.

Web Flute Academy

In 2017, Yulia Berry and Onorio Zaralli co-founded the Web Flute Academy, a pioneering project aimed at enhancing flute playing skills for musicians of all levels. They were among the first to create a virtual institution dedicated to teaching the flute. Since 2017, they have spearheaded this initiative by offering live webinars worldwide via Zoom, a major milestone for flutists worldwide.

From 2017 to 2024, the Web Flute Academy delivered live online webinars, workshops, and specialized courses covering various aspects of flute performance, including tone, vibrato, breathing, technique, and musical interpretation. Additionally, it offered resources and lessons tailored to flutists of any level. However, in March 2024, the founders parted ways, leading to the conclusion of the project.

The Babel Flute Days – 2022

In May 2022 Web Flute Academy held a celebration of one year Anniversary of The Babel Flute. The flute artists, presenters and guests took a ride in a time machine to Ancient Babylon to attend flute attractions!

The unique event attracted over 200 registered guests and lots of attention on social media.

Global Flute Convention “The Babel Flute Days 2023”

In September 2023, “The Babel Flute Days” celebrated the rich history of the flute, its diverse repertoire, and the global flute community, set to take place online in the mesmerizing backdrop of Ancient Babylon.

From September 19 to 24, 2023 the digital realm became the stage for a unique musical odyssey for the second year (Read our report in 2022)!

The Babel Flute Days” celebrated the rich history of the flute, its diverse repertoire, and the global flute community, set to take place online in the mesmerizing backdrop of Ancient Babylon.

With education and knowledge-sharing at our core, we hosted 110(!) amazing learning events on the top-notch “Web Flute Academy” course platform. A whopping 400 guests registered, setting a record for online flute events! The Babel Flute project welcomed 8 new contributors and expanded to 2 new countries during the convention, reaching a total of 82 contributors and 29 countries involved!

Here’s a recap of the extraordinary experiences that unfolded during these melodic days.

Highlights of the Event:

  1. Video Presentations: Renowned flutists and pedagogues led captivating presentations, exploring the evolution of flute music across cultures and generations, unveiling the enchanting stories behind various flute traditions.
  2. New Music & Projects: The event showcased innovative compositions and groundbreaking flute projects from around the world, fusing ancient melodies with modern creativity and pushing the boundaries of flute music.
  3. Exceptional Performances: Mesmerizing flute performances by virtuosos from diverse corners of the globe highlighted the immense versatility of the flute as an instrument, spanning classical to contemporary genres.
  4. Live Sessions: Participants engaged in live interactive sessions, providing an opportunity to connect directly with favorite flutists and fellow enthusiasts.
  5. Sponsor Exhibits: Virtual exhibitions featured flute-related products, accessories, and innovations, showcasing the latest advancements in flute technology and education resources.
  6. Games & Activities: Entertaining flute-themed games and educational activities, including quizzes and contests, provided participants with a fun and engaging experience.
  7. Community Portal: An exclusive community portal facilitated connections among flute enthusiasts, encouraging the exchange of thoughts, ideas, and the formation of lasting connections.

Games and quizzes offered at the Convention:

  • Flute Melody Detective: Solve the Mystery of Flute Melodies
  • Flute Fact or Fiction Frenzy?
  • Flute Legends in Focus: Can You Recognize the Maestros?
  • Composer Portrait Puzzler – Identify the composer in two distinct portraits
  • Flute Virtuoso Quest: Unmask & Match
  • Flute Facts Master: How Well Do You Know the Flute?

A token of appreciation and a special gift were prepared for each participant. It was also reiterated to sign the guest book with warm wishes and download the personalized participation certificate.

It was very interesting and amazing. Thank you so much!

Antonella Caratelli

The Babel Flute Courses

Yulia Berry and Onorio Zaralli launched a special platform dedicated to online courses available in any language in 2022. They offered two courses, “The Flute of Oz” and “A Tale Of Music,” written by Onorio Zaralli and implemented on the platform by Yulia Berry. In March 2024, founders parted ways and ended the project.


  • Professional teaching
  • Unique material
  • Not available anywhere else
  • Read in 100 languages
  • Practical quizzes
  • Ask questions
  • Easy to follow structure
  • Supplemental material
  • Complete at your own pace
  • Anywhere access
  • Certificate of completion
  • Lifetime access

First Global Game for Flutists

In December of 2022, Yulia Berry initiated the very first Global Flute Game in honor of Ernesto Köhler’s birthday. Initially, it was supposed to take place only one day. She created the game against the clock, programmed it, offered the winners personalized certificates, and advertised it extensively on social media. The game was such a success and had so many visitors from 37 countries that the website crushed before some flutists had completed the game. A few weeks later, the game was reopened for a whole week for every participant who couldn’t complete it to play through. Many received personalized certificates that were posted on social networks.