Yulia Berry, DMA is a highly accomplished flutist, pedagogue, and entrepreneur based in Boston, Massachusetts, who is recognized for her contribution to the flute community.


New England Flute Institute, est. 2019

Yulia Berry’s Flute Studio, since 2003

Government Music School no.11, named Best Music School of St. Petersburg for over 40 years, Russia, 1995-2000

Music school “Inspiration”, St. Petersburg, Russia, 1997-2000

Digital Projects

Web Flute Academy, webinars and courses, 2017 – 2024

The Babel Flute, an international flute magazine and community, 2021 – 2024

The Babel Flute courses, available in 100 languages, 2022 – 2024

1st Global Game for Flutists, 2022

All about Flute, Mobile app for smarphones (2013-2020)

Great Home Remedies, an online collection of alternative cures, enriched with hundreds of articles, written by Yulia Berry, est. 2006

Dozens of Mobile apps and websites for musicians

Global Events

Global Flute Convention “The Babel Flute Days – 2023”, 110 online events over 6 days with 406 registered guests, September 2023

International The Babel Flute Days – 2022, 2 days, 99 registered guests, May 2022

International Eugene Magalif’ Flute Concerto Competition with voting through “All about Flute” app – over 7,000 votes from all over the world, November 2018

Books on Alternative Health

Aloe – Your Miracle Doctor, 2007, Internet Bestseller

Pharmacy in Vegetables, 2008

Curative Garlic, 2008