Chattoir Interview with Horacio Parravicini

Chattoir Interview with Horacio Parravicini

Every human being owns a beautiful voice. The advice is to be loyal to yourself. We can add platinum crowns, emeralds, etc, but don’t be confused, as the name indicates, this is an instrument to communicate through music, and you are the musician, the artist.

Horacio Parravicini

Flutist Horacio Parravicini was born in Argentina and is currently the principal flute of the Bilbao Symphony Orchestra in Spain, a position he has held since 1988.

Parravicini began his professional career in Buenos Aires working as first flute in the Teatro Colón. During this period he also worked with the National Symphony Orchestra of Argentina.

His teachers include Andreas Blau, Maxence Larrieu, Alain Marion and William Bennett.

In addition to his present position of principal flute in Bilbao, Horacio also performs with the wind quintet of the BOS, numerous solo recitals and flute festivals in North America, South America and Europe, and gives regular flute courses in Argentina and Spain.

Horacio is also devoted to Baroque music and plays the traverso as well.

He is one of the founders of Caballeros del Traverso, a medieval order dedicated to the flute. Its members are the most important Spanish flutists.

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