Yulia Berry is the creator of many websites on a variety of topics.

The Babel Flute platform

Yulia Berry is the web developer and designer of The Babel Flute platform, which offers features such as translation in any language, magazine, Classifieds, store, forum and calendar, as well as a dedicated course platform for The Babel Flute with features such as online courses, translation into any language, timed tests, personal certificates and more.

The Babel Flute project was introduced to the flute community on March 20, 2021 and immediately began to grow and expand: 94 participants from 30 countries, more than 3.5 million visits from 238 countries in 3 years.

In March 2024, The Babel Flute released its 11th edition, celebrating its 3-year anniversary and announcing the end of the project.

Mobile apps

Yulia Berry worked on Mobile apps from 2013 to 2021. She created the popular All About Flute app for smartphones and Amazon. The application had about 30,000 users worldwide. It offered all kinds of flute related information such as flute news around the world, flute makers, festivals, competitions, repertoire, list of flute technicians, accompanists, games, quizzes, sheet music scanner, famous flutists of all genres, and forum for users.

A cool feature of the application was instant notifications with announcements of concerts and flute events that appear on users’ screens. Notifications included text, links, images, video and audio.

In 2018, the All About Flute app became a platform for live voting for participants in the International Eugene Magalif’s Flute Concerto Competition, in which Yulia Berry was the author of an innovative idea, co-organizer and one of the jury members.

The competition attracted huge attention on social media, with a total of over 150,000 views and 18 finalists from 10 countries.

For the first time among online competitions, the final live voting was public and was held in the All about Flute Mobile application created by Yulia Berry. It garnered many thousands of votes from all over the world and was widely covered on social media.

In January 2021, Yulia Berry ended the operation and support of the application due to her decision to focus on the new The Babel Flute project, which required a huge amount of time and attention on her part.

All about Flute

Other Mobile Apps

Yulia Berry has created mobile applications for various musicians and organizations. Some examples are given below. Work on mobile apps was halted in 2021.

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Work with Yulia Berry

Yulia Berry takes on new projects if there is time in her schedule. Before placing an order for web design and development services, contact her first to make sure she is available and willing to do the work. The rates below include the basic package and each feature needs to be discussed and negotiated separately. Your final invoice may differ from the main package.

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