Chattoir Interview with composer Marius Herea

Chattoir Interview with composer Marius Herea

A composer has the responsibility to renew the styles and bring novelty to the world.

Marius Herea

“Marius Herea is one of the most romantic and mysterious composers of the XXI-st century. Influenced by Mozart, Chopin, Brahms and the major composers of the XIXth and XXth centuries, he creates his authentic music language through the synthesis of their music styles along with the novelty of the postmodern era of classical music. He is able to capture the essence of pure beauty in his music, lifting us to a superior level of the Universal vibrations.

Largely educated, with a deep knowledge in philosophy, music, arts and history, Marius Herea does not use folklore within his music and he is rather an Universal composer. His music is a unique language that goes to the deepest level of the human heart and makes people exclaim: “This is so beautiful that it can’t be written in modern times!”

Symphony of Renaissance, Double Concert-Sonata for violin, piano and orchestra, the Piano Concerto, Meditation for violin and orchestra, Rhapsody for violin, piano and orchestra and his Piano Preludes are among the most fascinating pieces ever written. Every video recording of his works becomes an Internet sensation and gets thousands of likes, proving that good classical music is still alive and there are no borders for it to make people’s hearts to respond.

His mysterious persona sparks our curiosity and imagination by him turning down questions to reveal more about himself. However, if you want to explore Marius Herea’s mesmerizing world, just dive into his music and you will be guaranteed to feel the connection to the whole Universe!”

by Yulia Berry, D.M.A., Russian-American professional musician and publisher, a graduate of The Saint-Petersburg Conservatory, Russia

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