The Babel Flute

Yulia Berry, along with Italian flutist Onorio Zaralli, is the founder, director and editor-in-chief of The Babel Flute, an online magazine focused on the flute and flute community.

The Babel Flute is an International Flute Magazine & Community, available in any language and created by flutists from all over the world. The Babel Flute has a magazine, forum, classifieds, job/collaboration board, courses, student incentives, online store, calendar of historical flutists, quizzes and flute games.

The platform has received over 3.5 million views with readers from 238 countries! The total number of contributors reached 94 from 30 countries!

In March 2024, The Babel Flute released its 11th edition, celebrating its 3-year anniversary and announcing the end of the project.

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Yulia Berry is the editor of Chattoir Editorials, an online community for artists and musicians. On this platform, she interviewed and promoted some of the best and brightest musicians of our time.


Yulia Berry has written articles and given presentations on topics related to flute technique, practice strategies, and performance. She also wrote articles on the connection of the flute with art and the role of the flute in the arts and cultures of different eras and cultures.

Health Researcher

In 2006, Yulia Berry became one of the first alternative healing enthusiasts to publish remedies online. Her website Great Home Remedies, where she posted her personal collection of home remedies, has since received many hundreds of thousands of views!

Author of Internet Bestsellers

Yulia Berry is the author of the online bestseller on the health benefits of aloe, Aloe Is Your Miracle Doctor, first published in 2007.

Other best-selling books include Pharmacy in Vegetables and Curative Garlic, which later became a part of the package included with Aloe – Your Miracle Doctor.

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