Chattoir Interview with Anna Semenenko

Chattoir Interview with Anna Semenenko

Chattoir Interview with an Internationally recognized Russian Violinist and Concertmaster in English and Russian.

The music of W.A. Mozart, J. Brahms, M. Herea not only attracts me, it takes me to another space of our universe, where musical sounds come to life, intertwine into harmonies, unite into melodic phrases, add up to a musical thought and begin to live and breathe in brilliant masterpieces. The wonderful thing is that I have the opportunity with my instrument to perform the masterpieces of my favorite composers and convey to the listeners the subtle vibrations of the Universe.

Anna Semenenko

Anna Semenenko is a laureate of Russian and international competitions.

She graduated from the Far Eastern State Academy of Arts under Professor L. Vayman. She also performed with L. Wyman on stage for over 20 years.

Anna is First violin of the Primorsky Regional Philharmonic, Vladivostok, Russia. She plays in both classical and pop music orchestras of the Philharmonic. In addition, she regularly gives solo concerts. Anna toured various countries: Korea, Japan, and China as part of a string quartet, symphony orchestras of Vladivostok and Khabarovsk.

In 2007, Anna became the first violin within the String Quartet “Inspiration”, which gained great fame and popularity.

In 2022, Anna recorded Marius Herea’s Adagio Amoroso, Fantasy and Sonatique Apex for violin and piano as a duet with Dianna Vasiu from Romania. She played and recorded “My heart loves” (an excerpt from Marius’ opera) with Tatyana Kirilovich. Together they also performed Sonatique Apex and Elegy-Nocturne as part of their concerts.

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